The team leader of the Pioneer Aviator's is Ungar Laszlo
He is an engineer since the 1990's.
In the early 2002's he started to make a replica of an engine from 1909.
It was a Delfosee type 3 cylinder aero engine. It was made in Köln in the 1909's.
The project took 5 years to make his first engine. In 2005 the engine made the first run.
It was succesful.
Now he started to make a new project. It all runs about the Bleriot XI aeroplane.
But firstly he started to make the main part of it. The engine.
It is an Anzani 3 cylinder W type engine. In 2011 he started to make it with new technology.
It includes 3D drawings with Solid Edge and CNC machining. And in 2012 it is going to be ready.
And we will countiniue with a new project soon....

My dream when i was a child was to make an engine from the 1910's.
Now it's comming true. And a new door is opening for the aeroplane builders to make a pioneer aeroplane with my engine.

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