That was my dream when i was a child, to get an original Anzani engine, and to make a new. My dream slowly comes true. I bought one original Anzani W engine. After it i started to make new Anzani engines in 2011. I’m making the 57 degrees type as you’ll see in the pictures. I started to make it because i would like to make to people who wants to fly and enjoy the flying with machines from the 1910’s and build more and more with my Anzani engine.For further information click to the contact site and contact with us. To make a replica of an old engine is a very big work. Firstly we started with the cast making tools. They made from wood. And it followed with the cast making in a little workshop. These engines like very easy, but it's not true we had to make many-many little parts for example the oilers, oil pumps, valves etc.

My original Anzani W engine


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About the project
The Anzani engine project
The Anzani engine was the most popular engine in the 1910’s. It was constructed by Alessandro Anzani in the first years of the 10’s. First it was used in motorcycles. After it aviators started to use and build them into their aeroplanes.
Mr.Anzani dsigned three types of the W Anzani these are:the 570, the 600 and the 720 he changed the degrees between the cylinders. The Bleriot XI monoplane was also flew with Anzani engines as well. Their weight was quite small and it was easy to assemble them. This engine opened a new way to fly in the 1910's


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