The Bleriot XI monoplane project
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In 1909 Louis Bleriot designed his 11th aeroplane. It called Bleriot XI. At 25th of July he crossed the La Manche with his aeroplane, fitted with an Anzani 3 cylinder engine. That was the first cross flight in France and in the world. After this moment he started to think about the problems of his airplane. He made his first Bleriot XI series in 1910. The main differences were the fuselage which was straight, and the rudder with it's elliptical view. He designed the plane for the Anzani 3 cylinder W engine. He made these in series and produced more than 700-800 pieces. It followed a new more modern plane, fitted with a 60hp Gnome Rhone Omega engine. It was very different than the chanell crossing type. Now in 2012 we started to make a Bleriot XI. The La Manche type with the elliptical rudder. We will fit it with our Anzani 3 cylinder engine. Now we made the castings for it and we are working in the wood parts too. Check our webite and the picasa album to follow our project.

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